A new inspiring space east of downtown

Discover our overall project vision

Get more details on our vision for the central park, public square, shared streets, and site architecture, which will include six lots upon project completion.

New condos

Units in the Esplanade Cartier project were designed to offer the brightest and most pleasant living spaces. Unit aesthetics are fully customizable through a wide selection of finishes. In addition to the commercial and public spaces on the site, co-owners will also enjoy numerous common areas. The two first phases are currently for sale. 

  • The 14-storey Phase 1 features 114 condos
  • The 7-storey Phase 2 features 162 condos

Commercial spaces

Serving residents, neighbourhood families, and office workers, the commercial spaces on the site and in the surrounding areas will be diverse. Local businesses, restaurants, and boutiques will set up shop in the project’s different phases, creating a lively, dynamic neighbourhood. 

  • About 100,000 square feet once completed
  • Street-side storefronts
  • Restaurants with terraces

Offices for rent

This new office project by TGTA offers tenants a modern and urban work environment that opens onto the Esplanade Cartier multifunctional complex.

  • A distinctive place to get together and relax, a common lounge offers a direct link to the esplanade with its placette, terraces and park.
  • Three floors of office spaces are made accessible via a contactless route, by elevator or by staircase and will benefit from high quality air systems. 
  • 70,000 square feet of office space directly on Ste-Catherine St., a 3 min. walk from the metro.

Apartments for rent

Esplanade Cartier’s mixed-use development will include a building exclusively for rental apartments. Located at the foot of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, this living space offers a vibrant living environment, fostering spontaneous interactions. The rental phase will be put on the market in the summer of 2023 and apartments will be available in the winter of 2024. 

  • Rental phases with 185 units on 14 storeys
  • Occupancy in winter 2024

Community vision

Reflecting the very DNA of the Sainte-Marie neighbourhood, Esplanade Cartier is dedicated to becoming a place that brings people together, both for the existing community and newcomers. To make this vision a reality, various community spaces and organizations will be integrated into the project.

  • The Project House (coming soon
  • The Montréal YWCA (coming soon)


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